Earning JetBlue Points for Emirates Flights

You can earn JetBlue TrueBlue frequent flyer points for any flight on Emirates Airline – up to 1 point per mile, with cabin class bonuses of up to 50%.  Emirates flies to more than 130 destinations on all 6 continents from its hub in Dubai and features award-winning service and cuisine.

Flights on Emirates earn a minimum of 100 TrueBlue points.  Points from Emirates flights are typically credited into your TrueBlue account within 30 days.

See where Emirates flies

Search for Emirates Flights

Visit Emirates.com to book your flight.  Do not book with an online travel agency like Orbitz, Expedia, etc., because you can’t always tell in which fare class the ticket will be issued, and only certain Emirates fare classes earn JetBlue TrueBlue points.

Book a Flight with the Desired Earning Ratio

The number of TrueBlue points accumulated for a particular flight on Emirates depends on the fare class in which the ticket is issued.  The chart below shows the number of points earned for each Emirates fare class (also known as “booking class”).

JetBlue Emirates Earning Chart

Emirates tail livery - the UAE flagHow to Book an Emirates Flight in the Desired Fare Class

  • Book your flights on Emirates.com. This will allow you to select flights that are marketed and operated by Emirates.  A travel agent can also book you into the fare class of your choice.  Do not use online travel agencies like Orbitz or Expedia as the ticket may not be issued in a mileage-earning fare class.
  • Look for flights that show the Emirates tail livery (the UAE flag, as in the image above) and begin with the letters "EK".
  • Use this guide to Emirates fare classes to select the fare type (Saver, Flex, etc.) that corresponds to the fare class and your desired mileage earning ratio.
  • Include your JetBlue TrueBlue number when making the reservation.

Add a TrueBlue Number to an Existing Emirates Reservation

If you’ve already reserved Emirates flights, you can add your TrueBlue number to ensure proper credit to your JetBlue frequent flyer account.  Visit Emirates.com, then Plan and Book >> Manage a Booking >> Frequent Flyer Program or call (800) 777-3999

Request Credit for Past Emirates Flights

You can request credit for Emirates flights completed within the previous 180 days.  To claim your TrueBlue points credit for Emirates flights, go to the Request Missing Points page on the JetBlue website and look for the Emirates section.  Follow the directions on the page.

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