Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes: What Are They, How to Find Them

How to Find Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes

Like most airlines, Hawaiian Airlines offers different classes of service: coach, business, or first class.  As is also common in the commercial airline industry, Hawaiian also designates different fare classes (also known as booking classes) within the classes of service.  Airlines use fare classes to distinguish between different types of fares (refundable vs. non-refundable, full fare vs. discounted fare, etc.) and also as a factor in determining upgrade or standby priority.

This quick guide will help you figure out the fare class or classes being offered before purchasing a Hawaiian Airlines ticket and find out how the fare class will affect the number of partner airline frequent flyer miles earned for Hawaiian Airlines flights.  Included is a list of the different Hawaiian Airlines fare classes showing how each is associated with the different classes of service Hawaiian offers.

What is a fare class (booking class)?

Like most air carriers, Hawaiian Airlines offers different classes of service (first, coach, and business classes).  Within those classes of service, airlines designate different types of fares with a code composed of a single letter known as the fare class or booking class.

When purchasing flights online from airline websites, at some point in the booking process you should see a link to the fare rules.  In the fare rules, look for the fare basis, a code composed of multiple letter and numbers.  The first letter in the fare basis code is the ticket’s fare class.

Fare classes are used to determine the number of frequent flyer miles earned for different flights, and priority for standby boarding or upgrades, among other things.  Generally, the more expensive the fare, the higher and more desirable the fare class, and the higher the priority that will be assigned to the passenger.

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How do Hawaiian Airlines fare classes affect frequent flyer mileage accrual?

Except for award tickets purchased using miles rather than money (fare class Z), all flights operated or marketed by Hawaiian Airlines earn the same number of miles regardless of booking class.  Often there’s only one booking class offered for a given set of flights, so it’s not even possible to choose a more desirable class.

On the other hand, for Hawaiian’s partner airlines, the fare class determines the mileage accrual rate.  That makes knowing the fare class essential if you want to know how many miles you’re earning for your flights on Hawaiian Airlines if you’re a member of, say, the Delta SkyMiles program.

See more about accruing miles with Hawaiian’s partner airlines.

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How to Find Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes

Here’s the process to find Hawaiian Airlines fare classes during the booking process on hawaiianairlines.com:

  1.  On the home page or flight search page, enter your desired departure and destination airports and travel dates.
  2. If refundable fares are available for your flights, you will see a small check box.  Check this box if you want the results to show only refundable fares.
  3. Click the “Search Flights” button.
  4. Select the desired outbound and return flights.
  5. Scroll through the upgrade and fare hold options and click the “Continue” button.
  6. Enter required passenger information and click the “Done” button.
  7. Enter passenger contact information and click the “Continue” button.
  8. Review itinerary and hotel / rental car options and click the “Continue” button.
  9. Click “skip seat selection”.
  10. On the Review & Pay screen, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click “Fare Rules and Terms & Conditions”.
  11. At the top of the pop-up window that opens, you should see the fare class clearly labeled for each flights.  The fare class is also the same as the first letter of the fare code.

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Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes

The booking classes below accrue miles with HawaiianMiles as well as with Hawaiian’s partner airlines.  Award ticket booking classes (non-revenue tickets paid for with miles) and booking classes other than those shown below do not earn miles with Hawaiian Airlines or its partners.

Full-fare, refundable coach fares are usually booked into fare class Y.  Extra Comfort (premium economy) seats may be booked into any fare class, including discount economy fare classes, some of which don’t earn frequent flyer miles with partners of Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Fare Classes

Economy (coach) full-fare refundable: Y

Economy: W, V, X, Q, S, N, H, I, B, M, G

Discount economy: L, K, O (generally does not earn miles with other airlines)

Economy codeshare (flight operated by partner airline): Z

Business full-fare refundable: J

Business: C, P, A*

First class full-fare refundable: F

First class: P, C, A*

*this fare class is assigned to upgrades from economy class and generally does not earn a class of service bonus

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Accruing Miles with Partner Airlines for Hawaiian Airlines Flights

Ten airlines currently allow accrual of frequent flyer miles or points for flights on Hawaiian Airlines.  A few, namely Delta and United, limit accrual to inter-island flights only.

Click on the desired airline below for details and earning rates:

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