How to Fly Standby on Frontier Airlines

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Standby for Same Day Flight Changes

Frontier Airlines allows standby for Classic Plus (refundable) fares, but not Economy (non-refundable)  fares. Ascent and Summit level members of the EarlyReturns frequent flyer program are also eligible for standby. Passengers eligible for standby may standby for either earlier or later flights on the same day as original departure. Request standby at the ticket counter or gate.

When you travel standby, you must follow the original ticketed itinerary, meaning if you were booked on a nonstop flight you cannot add a connection to the itinerary or vice versa.

Same-Day Confirmed Flight Change

If seats are available, Frontier offers same-day confirmed flights changes. For Economy fares, the fee is $50. The fee is waived for Classic Plus (refundable) fares and Summit level members of EarlyReturns. Request same-day confirmed flight changes at the airport ticket counter or by calling Frontier Reservations at 800-432-1FLY (1359).

Unlike standby flights, same day confirmed flight changes allow you to change the itinerary from a connection to a nonstop itinerary or vice-versa, with some restrictions. More details are available on the Frontier Airlines website.

Missed Flight Standby

If your flight is delayed, cancelled, diverted, or if you miss a connecting flight, Frontier Airlines will place you on the next available flight at no additional charge or fare. You may also be entitled to a partial or full refund of your ticket. More details are available on the Frontier Airlines website.

Frontier Airlines Employee Travel / Standby

Frontier offers free employee travel and extends benefits to friends and family via Buddy Passes. See Flying Standby on US and Canada Airlines for more information on Buddy Passes.

More Information

For general tips and information in flying standby, please see Flying Standby on US and Canada Airlines

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