How to Fly Standby on Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Standby at a Glance:

The standby options available for Hawaiian Airlines flights are pretty limited, especially if you've already purchased a ticket and don't have frequent flyer elite status with the airline's HawaiianMiles frequent flyer program or are not a corporate customer.  Hawaiian used to offer free standby on refundable fares, but sadly, that no longer seems to be the case.

  • If your flight isn't cancelled or delayed, Hawaiian Airlines allows standby for earlier flights to neighboring islands only.
  • If your flight isn't cancelled or delayed, standby is allowed only for elite HawaiianMiles members and corporate customers.
  • If none of the above apply to you, there will be a fee assessed to change the time of the flight.  Look on the bright side - you can also change the date if you like.  I know, it's not much, but it's all I've got.
  • Hawaiian Airlines standby can only be requested at a customer service counter, not at the departure gates.

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Standby for Same Day Flight Changes (Earlier Flights Only)

Hawaiian Airlines allows the following customers to standby for earlier flights to neighboring islands on the day of departure: Pualani Gold and Platinum HawaiianMiles members, as well as corporate customers with flights booked through Hawaiian’s corporate web portal.  For these customers, standby is free of charge.

Exceptions of note are booking class O and inter-island web special fares (OWEB, OXOWEB, and ZWEB), which are not eligible for standby, including for Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold and corporate customers.

How to Request Same-Day Standby (Neighboring Islands Only)

The procedures to request same-day standby from Hawaiian Airlines vary depending on whether or not you have a bag to check.

If you are checking a bag, go to the Hawaiian Airlines customer service counter and give the agent the flight number you’d like to standby for.  Have your bag tag updated with the new standby flight information.  Go to the gate of the standby flight. If you aren’t seated on the earlier flight, your old reservation on the later flight is still confirmed.

If you won’t be taking checked baggage, check-in online or at an airport kiosk for your originally scheduled flight.  Before you go through security, notify a Hawaiian Airlines customer service agent that you would like to standby for an earlier flight and provide the flight number.  Confirm on the standby monitor that you are on the standby list for the correct flight.  Your original reservation will be kept in place unless you are able to successfully board the earlier flight.

Making Changes to a Hawaiian Airlines Flight

For passengers that don’t qualify for free standby, you can make changes to your original reservation for a fee: $30 + fare difference for neighboring islands, $200 + fare difference for North America flights, and $50 to $200 + fare difference for international flights. If you purchased your ticket from a travel agency, there is an additional $25 fee per change. Change your ticket by phone or on the Hawaiian Airlines website.

Standby for Missed Flights on Hawaiian Airlines

If you miss a flight because of involuntary reasons (you showed up on time, but the flight was cancelled or delayed), Hawaiian Airlines will try to confirm a seat for you on another flight. If the flights are booked, you can opt for standby instead. You’ll be placed on the standby list according to priority (full fare and elite status passengers before discount fare passengers, etc.). You may have to wait for more than one flight before a seat is available. Make friends with the customer service agents and ask them about the chances of securing a seat – it may be better to re-schedule your trip.

A voluntary (meaning “your fault”) missed flight is anything other than a cancelled or delayed flight.  You can still ask to be placed on the standby list for voluntary missed flights, but you’ll be charged a fee ranging from $30-$200.($30 + fare difference for neighboring islands, $200 + fare difference for North America flights, and $50 to $200 + fare difference for international flights.)

You’re probably a little stressed out at this point, but try to be nice to the customer service agents as this can go a LONG way toward getting you onto a flight sometime in the near future.  Yelling at the gate agents or customer service representatives rarely, if ever, achieves the results you want.

Hawaiian Airlines Employee Travel / Standby

Hawaiian Airlines offers free employee travel and extends benefits to friends and family via Buddy Passes.


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