Which car rental company has the best military discount?

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If you’re searching for a military discount on car rentals for official duty or personal travel, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain how to get military discounts from the major car rental companies that offer them, including which discount codes or promo codes to use. We also compare the military discounts available from the major car rental companies and tell you which one we think is best.

Many car rental companies offer discounted military rates for personal or leisure travel, and some throw in extras like free upgrades or underage diver fee waivers. When traveling for official military business, car rentals include perks and benefits like free collision damage waiver (CDW), no fee for underage and additional drivers, and more. Read on to learn how to access both types of discounts.

Leisure Travel Military Car Rental Discounts

A number of car rental companies offer discounts to military members on leisure or other personal, non-business travel. For leisure or personal rentals, the renter is responsible for fees for add-ons like insurance or underage drivers, unless otherwise noted in the offer.

  • The best military car rental discounts for personal / leisure travel:
    • Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty include a free upgrade when you use their military leisure travel discounts.
    • Alamo and National extend the discount for military personal travel to the service member’s family.
    • Avis and Budget offer the biggest discounts at up to 25% off – but these require a paid membership.

Use the links below to search for discounted military rates from major car rental brands. Make sure to include promo codes or discount codes as indicated.


Alamo’s leisure travel military discount features discounted rental rates to active duty military, veterans, and their immediate family members. The amount of the discount varies by rental location, dates, and vehicle type.


Avis gives active duty military and veterans a discount of up to 25%, administered through Veterans Advantage (requires paid membership). Use AWD number T765700 when booking.


Budget’s military discount for leisure travel is up to 25% off regular rental rates, offered through Veterans Advantage (requires paid membership). Use BCD code X612500 when reserving to get the discount.


Dollar includes a free upgrade with their military leisure discount, which offers savings of at least 5% on regular rental rates. To get the discount and upgrade, use CDP# 3031396.


Enterprise offers rate discounts of at least 5% on for military leisure travel car rentals.


Europcar gives military service members discounted rates on rentals for personal travel.


Fox Rent-A-Car discounts their already low rates another 5% for military leisure travel. Use discount code MILITARY1.


Hertz offers a free upgrade in addition to discounted rates for military leisure travel rentals.


National offers military personnel a leisure travel discount through Veterans Advantage.


Sixt’s military discount for leisure travel features savings of at least 5% on regular rental rates.


Thrifty’s military discount for personal travel includes a free upgrade. Use PC# 100371 when reserving your vehicle.

Official Travel Military Car Rental Discounts

For official military travel, the US Department of Defense has negotiated discounted rates with most major car rental companies. The perks or add-ons that come with each military official travel rental are largely the same: unlimited mileage, free collision damage waiver (CDW), free underage drivers (18-25), and free additional drivers.

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Most car rental companies allow renter(s) to earn frequent flyer miles or car rental loyalty rewards points on car rentals for official military business or temporary duty travel (TDY). Car rental loyalty programs are free to join, so this is a good way to get a little bonus from the rental.

Official Travel Military Car Rental Discounts by Brand

  • Alamo
    • No additional driver or underage driver fees
    • Free collision damage waiver (CDW)
    • Use Discount Code GOVERNMENT BUSINESS OFFICIAL (enter in “Discount Code” box)
  • Dollar
    • No additional driver or underage driver fees
    • Free collision damage waiver (CDW) and loss damage waiver (LDW)
    • Use CDP code 3031621 (enter into “Corporate Discount Program” field when searching for a vehicle)
  • Enterprise
    • No additional driver or underage driver fees
    • Use code GOVERNMENT BUSINESS ON ORDERS in the “Corporate Account Number or Promotion Code” field.
  • Hertz
    • No additional driver or underage driver fees
    • Free collision damage waiver (CDW)
  • Thrifty
    • Free upgrade. Use PC# 100371.
    • No additional driver or underage driver fees
    • Free collision damage waiver (CDW)

USAA Car Rental Discounts

  • Enterprise USAA Car Rental Discount
    • Discounted rates
    • No fee for drivers under 25
    • No additional driver fee for spouses or USAA family members
    • Primary liability coverage included
    • Unlimited mileage on most vehicles
    • Loss of use fee waived
    • Loss damage limits

Important Things to Know About the US Military Car Rental Discount Program

  • Not all locations of an approved car rental company participate in the program.
  • Using a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) or showing official travel orders does not guarantee you’re renting under the program. Make sure that the GARS fee appears in the rental agreement as described above.
  • Roadside assistance is provided at no additional cost for any mechanical defect with the vehicle. Flat tires, jump starts, and fuel service are not covered unless they are mechanically related.
  • Unauthorized vehicle use is not covered and travelers are responsible for any loss or damage incurred. Unauthorized use is pretty much limited to things you shouldn’t be doing in a rental car anyway, and includes things like illegal use of the vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating the vehicle off-road, pushing another vehicle, using incorrect fuel, etc.
  • Vehicles rented under the program are to be used for official business only. In most cases, this means that friends, family, and even government contractors are not allowed to ride in the vehicle.
  • When you rent a car under the program, the rental company can’t automatically charge you for fuel upon the return of the vehicle without your written consent. You must return the vehicle full of gas; use your judgment as to whether you should pre-purchase the fuel when you pick up the vehicle (usually more expensive than the price per gallon at a gas station).
  • The details of the program are contained in the US Government Car Rental Agreement.
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Who manages the US military car rental program? What are the rental terms?

The Department of Defense manages the US government car rental program. The terms for US government official business car rental are governed by the US Government Rental Car Agreement. Rental rates should not exceed the Domestic Rental Car Ceiling Rates.

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