What happens when Expedia changes your flight?

What happens when Expedia changes your flight

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No one likes an unexpected email from Expedia announcing that an upcoming flight has been changed. If this has happened to you, you may well be wondering why Expedia cancelled your flight, what you can do about it, and what to expect next. Never fear, we’ve got you covered. This short guide will answer these questions, and more, about Expedia-initiated flight changes.

If you need to make changes to an Expedia flight reservation, see our guide to How to change an Expedia flight

Why did Expedia change my flight?

If Expedia made changes to your flight schedule without your authorization or a request from you, it’s because the airline schedule changed. Expedia refers to such alterations as “airline-initiated schedule changes”, and they are beyond Expedia’s control.


Despite what you may have read in some places on the web, Expedia is not in the habit of making random changes to flights, or changing flights purposely in order to make more money. Doing so would create such a huge logistical headache, not just for Expedia but for any online travel agency attempting to pull off such a feat, that no amount of extra revenue could possible justify or be worth it.

What to do if Expedia changes your flight

1. Expedia offers single airline and multi-airline itineraries. Go to My Trips to see which airline(s) you’re booked with.
2. Low-cost or discount airlines don’t allow Expedia to access their booking systems. You’ll need to contact those airlines directly.
3. If your booking is on a full-service airline, Expedia will work with the airline to find you a similar flight. Expedia will notify you through its app, email, or text you the new flight information. For urgent (for example, same-day) changes, Expedia may also call you.
4. If necessary, follow the instructions to confirm the new flights. Once the new flights are confirmed with you and the airline, Expedia will email you your revised itinerary.
5. If the airline made a significant schedule change and/or significantly delays a flight and you choose not to travel, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Expedia flight change FAQ

Can Expedia change your flight?

Yes, Expedia can and will change your flight if the airline schedule changes. This is something that is beyond the travel agency’s control.

Why does Expedia keep changing my flights?

While flight changes are usually the exception and not the norm, be aware that they can and do happen. After booking a flight on Expedia it’s important to stay up-to-date on its status in case of changes. Expedia will notify you if the airline makes changes to your flights.


How can Expedia change my flight time?

Expedia may make changes to a flight itinerary if the airline deems it necessary due to logistics, weather, or other unforeseen factors. Expedia does not change flights once booked unless directed to do so by the airline.

Can I get a refund if Expedia changes my flight?

Yes. If the changes to your Expedia flight are significant (i.e., more than a few hours delay) and you choose not to accept the replacement flight schedule the airline offers, you’re entitled to a full refund according to the US Department of Transportation.

Do I need to approve the changes Expedia made to my flights?

Yes. If Expedia changes your flight schedule and you decide to accept those changes, follow the instructions in the email you’ll receive to confirm the new flights.

If Expedia changes my flight and I accept the new flight, do I have to pay a fee?

No. Expedia customers are not charged fees for airline-initiated schedule changes.


If Expedia changes my flight and the new flights are more expensive, do I have to pay the difference?

No. Expedia customers are not responsible for paying differences in fares for airline-initiated schedule changes.

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