A Guide to Etihad Fare Classes

A Guide to Etihad Fare Classes: How Many Frequent Flyer Miles Do Etihad Flights Earn?

Different fare classes (also known as “booking classes”) on Etihad Airways earn frequent flyer miles at different rates.  This guide will help you quickly and easily figure out how many miles are earned by different Etihad fare types.

What Is an Etihad Fare Class or Booking Class?

The term “fare class” (also known as “booking class”) refers to the type of fare purchased.  The fare class dictates the number of frequent flyer miles earned on a particular flight.  The fare class is also one of the factors used in determining standby priority.  Each Etihad fare class is represented by a letter (T, E, L, Q, etc.).

When purchasing flights on Etihad.com, it’s not immediately apparent which of the fare options corresponds to a particular fare class.  Here’s a list of the fare classes that correspond to the different fare types available on the Etihad website:

Etihad Breaking Deals fares: fare classes T and E (economy); fare class Z (business)

Etihad Saver fares: fare classes U and V (economy); fare class W (business)

Etihad Value fares: fare classes K, L, M, Q (economy)

Etihad Freedom fares: fare classes H,B, Y (economy); fare classes D, C, J (business); fare classes R, A, F (first)

Etihad GuestSeats (award seat) fares: fare class N (economy); fare class I (business); fare class O (first)

The chart below shows mileage accrual rates for each Etihad fare class.

How to Determine Etihad Fare Class and Frequent Flyer Mileage Accrual

Step 1. Find the fare rules and fare basis.

Once you’ve identified and selected flights on the Etihad Airways website, you should see a page like the one in the image below.

To find the fare class for these flights,  click the link “View Fare Rules” at bottom right.  You”ll get a popup with the fare rules (or they may open in a new tab or window).  The fare rules show the fare class for the flights you’ve selected along with any exclusions or restrictions that may apply to that particular fare.

At the top of the fare rules, you’ll see a series of letters labeled “Fare Basis”. The first letter in this series is the fare class.

Step 2.  Use Etihad’s mileage tool to compute mileage accrual.

Use Etihad’s mileage calculator to find out how many frequent flyer miles the flights will earn.

As an example, a round-trip flight from Abu Dhabi to London in economy class, as shown in the image above, earns between 1,705 and 6,818 Etihad Guest Miles, depending on the fare class purchased.

Obviously, the fare classes that earn more miles on Etihad cost more – sometimes substantially so.  You can often fly surprisingly cheaply on Etihad if you find a good Breaking Deal fare, but the catch is you’re not going to earn a lot of frequent flyer miles in the process.

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