What Is an Avis AWD Number?

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If you’ve ever rented a car from Avis or searched for Avis discounts online, you may have seen a reference or two to Avis AWD numbers. Avis Worldwide Discount, or AWD, numbers are a type of discount code used by Avis. When used properly, these codes can save you a substantial amount of money on Avis car rentals.

There are two types of Avis AWD numbers: those that are available to the general public (“public AWD numbers”) and those available only to members or employees of businesses, organizations, or clubs that have an agreement with Avis (“corporate AWD numbers”). Both types provide discounts and other promotional offers to the user.

How to Get an Avis AWD Number

Avis corporate AWD numbers are available to small businesses, non-profits, schools, and any other organization that rents cars. Benefits include discounts on car rental, free Avis Preferred memberships, and reward credits good toward free rental days. Organizations that offer AWD numbers and Avis discounts include AAA, AARP, Veterans Advantage, and USAA. Frequent flyer, hotel loyalty, and other travel rewards programs also offer discounts through the use of AWD numbers.

How to Use an Avis AWD Number

Using an AWD number is simple. Enter the code in the AWD number field in the Discount Codes section of the reservation form on the Avis website.

In addition to AWD numbers, Avis also has two other types of discounts  – coupon codes and rate codes. Avis AWD numbers can be used in conjunction with these to really get a great deal on your rental. Whether or not the AWD number will work together depends on quite a few factors, primarily the terms and conditions for each discount code used, along with the rental dates, location, and vehicle class.

As a consequence, it usually takes a bit of trial and error (and perseverance) to produce a really good discount. It’s worth the effort, though – you can sometimes save 50% or more, and you can usually get at least 15-25% off with an additional perk like a free upgrade, free GPS, or free satellite radio.

Be aware that many Avis AWD numbers require the renter to present proof of membership or employment in order to receive the discount. This can include identification like an employee ID card, warehouse store membership card, frequent flyer card, business card, or email with company domain.

Avis AWD Number FAQ

Will Avis check my ID if I use an AWD number?

It depends on which AWD number you use and the terms on conditions of the offer. For public AWD numbers (i.e., coupons and special offers), ID is not necessary in order to receive the discount. For corporate AWD numbers, identification is usually required, although you may or may not be asked to show it at the rental counter.

What happens if I use an AWD number but don’t have the necessary ID?

This is a risk you take if you use a corporate AWD number for which you don’t have the proper ID. You rental may be refused, although it’s more likely your discount will be invalidated and they’ll ask you to pay the walk-up rate – which, as you might guess, is significantly more expensive than the online rate. Either way, a real bummer – especially if you really need the car.

Can I use an AWD number and a coupon code for Avis rentals?

Yes, you can use AWD numbers together with coupon codes and even rate codes on Avis rentals.

Will the discount always be the same every time the AWD number is used?

It depends on what type of AWD number you  are using. If using an Avis AWD number available to the general public, the discount or offer will be the same every time you rent, at least until the offer expires. With corporate AWD numbers, the amount of the discount tends to fluctuate and will vary based on rental dates, location, and vehicle class.

Are small businesses eligible for AWD numbers? Is there a minimum number of rentals to receive a dedicated AWD number and the associated benefits?

Small businesses, large corporations, non-profit groups, and other organizations that rent vehicles are eligible to receive dedicated AWD numbers. There is no minimum number of rentals to receive the benefits.

How do I find my Avis AWD number?

1. Check with your employer to see if they have an AWD number agreement with Avis.
2. Check your organization’s website, membership department, or customer service to see if they have an account with Avis. Examples include AAA, AARP, Veterans Advantage, and USAA.

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