How to Get Government Rental Car Rates and Discounts

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If you’re a federal government employee renting a car for official business or personal travel, you’re entitled to special discounted rates. For official travel, the rental agreement includes add-ons like free liability insurance. Some car rental companies throw in additional perks like free upgrades for both leisure and official business rentals.

We’ve included information below about which companies offer the best discounts and add-ons. We’ll also explain how to include a discount offer when making a reservation.

Leisure Travel Government Car Rental Discounts

A number of companies offer government car rental rates for leisure or other personal, non-business travel. Valid government ID will be required when you pick up the vehicle. Leisure rentals aren’t subject to the terms of the US Government Car Rental Agreement, meaning that the renter is responsible for any additional fees unless otherwise specified in the offer.

Most major rental companies special rates for government personnel. So who has the best government car rental discount? Here are our picks:

  • The government rates offered by Alamo and National tend to be cheaper than those from competitors. Both companies also extend the discount to the government employee’s family.
  • Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty include a free upgrade when a vehicle is reserved at government rates.
  • Avis and Budget offer government discounts up to 25% off regular rates, but require an additional paid membership to access.


Alamo’s government employee discount for personal travel is also valid for family members. Get the discount by booking your rental on this page on the Alamo website.


Avis offers a government discount for leisure travel of up to 25% off regular internet rates. To get the discount, use AWD number A555084 in the Discount Codes section when booking your vehicle.


Budget gives government leisure travelers a discount of up to 25% off. Use BCD code V053900 to get the discount.


Dollar’s government discount for leisure travel includes a free single upgrade. Use CDP# 3131396 when booking.


Enterprise discounts government leisure rentals at least 5%. To get the deal, reserve your vehicle on this page on the Enterprise website.


Fox Rent-A-Car has a first responders discount of 5% off regular rates. Use discount code RESPONDER1.


Get a free upgrade in addition to discounted rates when you use the government leisure travel discount from Hertz. To get the deal, visit this page on the Hertz website and click “Book a leisure government car rental”.


National extends their government personal travel discount to the employee’s family members. Reserve your vehicle on this page on the National website to receive the discount.


Sixt offers a 5% discount to first responders as well as teachers and school staff.


Thrifty throws in a free upgrade with their government leisure travel discount. Use PC# 100371 when booking to claim the deal.

Official Travel Government Car Rental Discounts

US government employees renting a car for official business can get a discount from most car rental companies. Rentals are covered by the US Government Rental Car Agreement, and include extras like free additional drivers, free underage drivers, free liability insurance, and unlimited mileage.

Thrifty includes a free upgrade with official travel government car rentals. Sixt waives the fee on one-way rentals.

You can check to see if your rental includes the US government discounted rate and other benefits by looking for a Government Administrative Rate Supplement (GARS) fee of $5.00 per day on the rental agreement. If this fee appears, you’re covered. If not, ask the counter agent about it.







    Other rental companies

    • For the following car rental companies not shown above, you may be able to make a US government official travel reservation using the E-Gov Travel Service (ETS)
      • Avis Rent-A-Car
      • Budget Rent-A-Car
      • Fox Rent-A-Car
      • National Car Rental
      • Payless Rent-A-Car

    US Government Car Rental Discount Program FAQ

    Can I get a military or government car rental discount at any approved provider’s location?

    No, not all locations of approved car rental company participate in the US government’s car rental discount program.

    How do I know my US government car rental agreement contains the proper terms, including insurance coverage?

    Using a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) or showing official travel orders does not guarantee you’re renting under the program. Make sure that the GARS fee appears in the rental agreement as described above and you’ll be covered.

    Is roadside assistance coverage included with government and military car rentals?

    Roadside assistance is provided at no additional cost for any mechanical defect with the vehicle. Flat tires, jump starts, and fuel service are not covered unless they are mechanically related.

    What insurance is included with US government car rentals?

    US government car rentals include a collision damage waiver and / or a loss damage waiver that indemnifies the renter in case of accident or other loss.

    Unauthorized vehicle use is not covered and travelers are responsible for any loss or damage incurred. Unauthorized use is pretty much limited to things you shouldn’t be doing in a rental car anyway, and includes things like illegal use of the vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating the vehicle off-road, pushing another vehicle, using incorrect fuel, etc.

    Who is allowed to ride in my US government rental car?

    Only fellow employees, your employer, or sometimes government contractors. Friends and family aren’t permitted as passengers in US government rental cars.

    Does my US government rental car agreement include prepaid fuel?

    No, fuel must be paid for separately by the renter and reimbursed by the employer if necessary.

    When you rent a car under the program, the rental company can’t automatically charge you for fuel upon the return of the vehicle without your written consent. You must return the vehicle full of gas; use your judgment as to whether you should pre-purchase the fuel when you pick up the vehicle (usually more expensive than the price per gallon at a gas station).

    Who manages the US government and military car rental program and what are its terms?

    The Department of Defense manages the US government car rental program. The terms for US government official business car rental are governed by the US Government Rental Car Agreement.

    What are the maximum amounts that can be charged for US government car rentals?

    US government car rental rates can’t exceed the rates listed here.

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