The best car rental discounts for seniors and AARP members

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Last updated on May 4th, 2024
Originally published on January 30, 2023

Rental car discounts for seniors are available from most major rental companies. Renters as young as 50 can save as much as 20% via these in-house discount programs. In addition, anyone 18 and older can get “senior” car rental rates by joining AARP.

We’ve compiled and evaluated the various car rental offers available to seniors and AARP members. We’ll tell you where to get them, which ones are best, and which ones you should skip in favor of a larger discount.

Keep in mind, however, that senior discounts may not be the best rates out there – better deals are frequently available. In addition, holiday and other blackout periods may apply to the discounts, limiting their use.


AARP Car Rental Discounts

If you’re looking for car rental companies with AARP discounts, there are only three with dedicated programs. AARP members get up to 30% off Avis and Budget car rentals, and save up to 5% with Payless.

AARP offers discounts on other brands like Hertz and Enterprise through its Travel Center, operated in partnership with Expedia.

You don’t actually need to be a senior to join AARP. Membership is open to anyone 18 or older. Get access hundreds of dining, shopping, and retail discounts, as well as other services, all for about $12 per year.

When renting a car using an AARP discount, keep in mind that you must meet minimum age requirements. If not, an additional daily surcharge may apply. The minimum age may vary by location or rental agency. In most cases, the surcharge applies to renters under 25 years.


Alamo’s senior discount is quite frankly hard to figure out. The Senior Circle program offers a discount but doesn’t specify the amount. Trying to tell whether you’re receiving a discount during the reservation process can be difficult, if not impossible.


Alamo doesn’t have a specific AARP discount. However, AARP members can save money on Alamo car rentals by booking through the Travel Center. And remember, anyone 18 or older is eligible to join AARP.


Although you can only get a senior discount on Avis car rentals with an AARP membership, it comes with some great perks. Avis gives a discount to seniors that can be as high as 30%.

The Avis senior discount also includes a free upgrade and a 3% credit for your next rental. In addition, renters have limited damage liability. AARP membership also affords Avis renters free liability insurance, a free additional driver, and discounted GPS.

Membership in AARP is available to adults 18 and older. If you’re already an AARP member, you can rent directly from the Avis website. Include Avis’ AWD number for AARP rentals A359866 with your reservation.


Budget Car Rental’s senior discount is available only to AARP members. Members get discounts of up to 30% and a 3% credit good toward the next rental. AARP Budget car rentals also include free liability insurance, free additional driver, and discounted GPS.

AARP members renting from the Budget website should include BCD number Y508501 with their reservation. Adults 18 and older are eligible to become AARP members.



The Dollar car rental senior discount is 5% off any car type for customers 50 years of age and older.

Dollar Car Rental does not offer an AARP discount. However, members can still receive discounts on Dollar’s regular prices by booking through the Travel Center.


Enterprise doesn’t offer a senior discount or a specific AARP discount. However, AARP members can search for an Enterprise car rental senior discount using the organization’s Travel Center.


Hertz offers a senior discount on car rentals through its 50 Plus Program. Customers 50 years of age and over get discounts of up to 20%.

To get the Hertz senior discount, enter CDP number 2007815 when booking your rental. Enter the code in the “Discount/CDP/Club Code” field to apply the discount to your reservation.

Hertz doesn’t have a specific AARP discount but members can still save on Hertz rentals via the Travel Center.



National Car Rental doesn’t offer a senior or AARP discount. However, AARP members can save on National’s regular rates by booking through the Travel Center.


The Sixt car rental senior discount gives you up to 5% off any car type at most locations in the USA. Sixt doesn’t offer a special discount for AARP members. However, AARP members can still save on Sixt car rentals by using the Travel Center.


Thrifty’s senior discount saves customers up to 5% on car rentals via its Silver Club program. Thrifty doesn’t offer a dedicated AARP discount, but members can book discounted Thrifty car rentals in the Travel Center.

The best senior discounts on car rentals (and the worst)

Hertz offers the best car rental discount for seniors 50 and over, with savings of up to 20%. With that said, it’s still a good idea to check out other deals from Hertz before you book.

Avis and Budget offer the best savings on car rental for AARP members. Depending on your savings, these can be great deals, and worth it, too. Getting 30% off a car rental for multiple days usually covers the $12 AARP membership fee, and then some.

The worst senior car rental discounts are arguably those from Enterprise and National. To receive a “senior” discount from either company, you must join AARP and book through its Travel Center.


Not far behind are the 5% discounts offered to seniors by Dollar, Sixt, and Thrifty. Finally, let’s not forget Alamo, with its Senior Circle discount of unknown amount.

Key takeaways

Rental car senior discounts are available to renters 50 and older and AARP members 18 and over. These discounts may not offer the greatest savings, as better deals are often available.

Hertz offers the best discount car rentals for seniors. Avis and Budget have the best AARP rental car discounts.

For other car rental companies, we recommend looking for other promotions or offers before booking senior rates. If no other promotions will work for your rental, then senior discounts are a good way to save a little money.

What’s the minimum age for a senior car rental discount?

Senior discount programs offered by car rental companies are generally available to customers age 50 and older. Anyone 18 or older can get “senior” car rental discounts through AARP if they meet minimum rental age requirements.

Are senior car rental discounts usually good deals?

In general, senior discounts aren’t the best type of car rental discounts. Before using a senior discount for a car rental, it’s a good idea to first look for other offers or promotions. Senior discounts on car rentals are certainly better than nothing, but they may not represent the best deals out there.


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