Hilton Honors Buy Points Bonus Offer: Get up to 100% bonus

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Use this Hilton Honors buy points bonus offer to earn up to a 100% bonus on points purchased through September 19, 2023. If you’re not a member of Hilton Hotels’ loyalty program, joining is free and takes just a few minutes.

This promotion is a “mystery offer” meaning that different members may receive different offers. If you haven’t stayed at a Hilton Hotel in a while, chances are good you’ll receive the 100% bonus points offer. Whatever your status or record of recent stays, it’s definitely worth it to take a minute to check your offer.

Bonuses start at 5,000 points, up to the annual maximum purchase allowance of 80,000 points. Once the transaction is complete, the points will post to your Hilton Honors account within 48 hours.

When deciding if this deal is right for you, two things to keep in mind are that Hilton Honors points purchase transactions are nonrefundable and do not count toward status upgrades.

How to use this Hilton Honors buy points bonus offer

1. Visit Hilton’s buy / gift points page.
2. Select “Buy Points”.
3. Log into your Hilton Honors account to access the offers available to you.
4. Select the number of points (and bonus points) you wish to purchase.
5. Follow the instruction to complete the purchase.

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