The 5 Best Airlines for US to Hong Kong Flights

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Hong Kong, with its mesmerizing skyline and vibrant culture, beckons travelers from across the globe. When planning a trip to Hong Kong, choosing the right airline can make all the difference. Which airline is best for US flights to Hong Kong (HKG) depends on whether you prioritize convenience, comfort, or cost.

This guide highlights the top airlines that fly this route, particularly those with the best schedules, service, and prices. We’ve also included other helpful information like which airlines offer direct flights, and a list of US cities with nonstop service.

US Cities with Direct Flights to Hong Kong

Non-stop flights from the US to Hong Kong are available from the cities and airlines shown below. Unless otherwise noted, all flights are to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Best Schedule

For those who prioritize efficiency, Cathay Pacific reigns supreme. Hong Kong’s flagship carrier has more direct flights from more US cities than any other airline. Daily connecting flights are also available from most other US airports. With its primary hub in the bustling city, Cathay Pacific is able to offer the best schedule for flying to Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific direct flights to Hong Kong from the US depart from Boston (4x weekly); Chicago (3x weekly); and multiple flights daily from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Cathay Pacific is the only airline that flies non-stop from New York (JFK) to Hong Kong.

US Airlines

Other than Cathay Pacific, the only option for non-stop flight tickets from the US to Hong Kong is United Airlines, which has daily non-stop service from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York (EWR). United is the only US airline that flies to Hong Kong since Delta and American terminated their agreements with HKG.

Shortest Flight

The shortest flight from the US to Hong Kong is about 15 1/2 hours on Cathay Pacific, departing from either LAX or SFO. This is about 15 – 25 minutes shorter than similar flights on United. Most other direct flights from the US to Hong Kong clock in at about 16 hours.

Best Service

1.Qatar Airways

In our opinion, Qatar Airways provides the overall best service on US to Hong Kong flights. Their attentive and multilingual crews have a reputation for focusing on passenger needs and preferences. Crew members are are also sensitive and responsive to diverse cultural needs.

And let’s not forget Qatar Airways’ award-winning cuisine. The 5-star airline serves up a variety of gourmet food choices, including regional delicacies and options for passengers with special dietary needs.

Qatar Airways US to Hong Kong flights have a layover in Doha, Qatar (DOH). Learn how to turn this into a free or low-priced stopover instead.

2.Cathay Pacific

Blending Asian efficiency with genuine friendliness and warmth, Cathay Pacific delivers consistent, reliable service. Their cabin crews, known for helpfulness and understanding, ensure a smooth and pleasant journey. Cathay Pacific’s efficient yet personalized attention makes your flight a stress-free prelude to Hong Kong’s vibrant energy.

3.Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines provides excellent personalized service on its flights from the US to Hong Kong. Expect genuine hospitality, attentiveness, meticulous cabin cleanliness, and award-winning cuisine. The cabin crew consistently anticipates passenger needs and strives to exceed expectations. Dedicated attendants and a focus on individual preferences set Singapore Airlines apart from its competitors.

As the name implies, Singapore Airlines’ flights from the US to Hong Kong have a layover in Singapore.


Emirates offers a focused and efficient service when flying to Hong Kong. However, their cabin crew may not provide as much personalized attention as other top airlines. Emirates multilingual crew ensures clear communication, and their focus on getting you to your destination comfortably is evident. With that being said, their service style may feel less warm and personal compared to other top airlines.

As the flagship carrier of the UAE, Emirates US to HKG flights stop for a layover in Dubai (DXB).

5.EVA Air

EVA Air offers friendly and efficient service with helpful crew members and a focus on passenger comfort. Aircraft cabins are clean and well-maintained. Both combine to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience without breaking the bank.

EVA Air is the national carrier of Taiwan. US to Hong Kong flights stop for a layover in Taipei (TPE).

Most Comfortable


Emirates is the champion of in-flight luxury and is unmatched when it comes to comfort and personal space. First class features fully enclosed suites with floor-to-ceiling windows, a vanity table, a mini-bar, and even a shower spa.

In Emirates business class, enjoy ample space and privacy. The seats lie flat, providing maximum comfort. The seat configuration allows every passenger direct aisle access. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand why Emirates has the best business class service from the US to Hong Kong.

Even in economy class, Emirates A380 seats offer generous legroom and a good recline. The plane’s double-decker design creates a spacious and airy feel, reducing the sense of being cramped that you get from most airplanes.

2.Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite Business Class steals hearts with its innovative sliding doors, adjustable privacy settings, and spacious individual pods. First Class boasts private suites and social areas, making it ideal for those seeking both comfort and connection.

Economy class features comfortable seats and ample leg room. Be prepared for attentive service, amenities like free wi-fi, and an overall luxurious experience.

3.Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific offers comfortable seating with good legroom in economy and spacious, lie-flat seats in business class. In first class, spacious seats transform into the widest fully-flat beds in the air, complete with plush bedding and Bamford amenities. The cabins are clean and well-maintained, and the entertainment system features a wide range of options.

Another plus is the extra width of the Premium Economy seats compared to its rivals. Overall, expect a comfortable and convenient travel experience on Cathay Pacific. You’ll get to Hong Kong feeling rested and ready to explore.

4.Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ Dreamliner Business Class features lie-flat seats. Arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, the seating ensures maximum privacy and personal space. Expect a restful and enjoyable environment with top-notch entertainment and award-winning cuisine.

Even in Economy on a Boeing 777-300ER, expect ample legroom and decent recline. Premium Economy bumps it up with wider seats and extra legroom. Suite Class on the A350-900 boasts private havens with personalized service.

5.EVA Air

Value-conscious travelers on flights from the US to Hong Kong will be pleased with EVA Air’s winning combination of service, price, and comfort. Their Dreamliner fleet boasts fully flat beds in Business Class and extra legroom in Economy, ensuring a restful journey. However, their overall luxury and cabin spaciousness can’t compete with the top contenders.

Best Price

The cheapest flights to Hong Kong from the US are typically on China Eastern Airlines.

Best Value

For a great value on flights from the United States to Hong Kong, choose EVA Air. While not as luxurious as Emirates or Qatar Airways, EVA Air provides a comfortable experience and 5-star service. Best of all, their fares are much cheaper than other top airlines on this route, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

When considering value for flights from the US to Hong Kong, especially direct flights, Cathay Pacific can’t be overlooked. The carrier’s planes are slightly less comfortable than Emirates or Qatar Airways but much cheaper and with comparable service levels.

Best Overall

By now you know that Cathay Pacific offers direct flights to Hong Kong from more US cities than any other airline. Although known for its excellent service on this route, Cathay’s fares are more affordable than Emirates or Qatar Airways. Additionally, Cathay Pacific’s planes are quite comfortable in all classes of service.

The Sweet Spot: Cathay Pacific is our pick for the best airline for US to Hong Kong flights. It has the most non-stop flights, it’s quite comfortable, and most travelers will be thrilled with Cathay’s the top notch service they receive in the air. Cathay’s price point in the middle of the pack, comparable to United, only helps to seal the deal.

Key Takeaways

When researching the best airlines for flights from the US to Hong Kong, it’s important to consider your preferences.

  • Cathay Pacific offers the convenience of multiple direct flights daily.
  • If comfort is key, Emirates or Qatar Airways are the best options.
  • For attentive service, choose Qatar or Cathay Pacific.
  • Cathay Pacific has the best combination of convenience, cost, and comfort: what we like to call “The Sweet Spot”.
  • Value-conscious travelers will appreciate EVA Air’s price and 5-star service.

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