Fly on Hawaiian Airlines, Earn American Airlines Miles for How Far You Fly – Not How Much You Spend

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The times certainly have changed. Flight tickets issued by American Airlines (AA) used to earn AAdvantage (American’s loyalty program) miles based on the number of miles flown. Now, however, miles earned for American Airlines flights depend on how much you paid for your ticket.

What some people may not realize is that flight tickets issued by Hawaiian Airlines and other AA partners are eligible to earn AAdvantage miles – and in most cases mileage earnings are based on actual miles flown, regardless of how much the ticket cost.

Not all Hawaiian Airlines (HA) flights earn American Airlines miles. Those that do earn miles earn them at different rates, depending on the fare class (also known as booking class) purchased. This guide will explain which Hawaiian Airlines flights earn American Airlines miles, and how to tell how many AA miles HA flights earn during the booking process.


Which Hawaiian Airlines Flights Are Eligible to Earn AAdvantage Miles?

American Airlines AAdvantage miles can be earned for Hawaiian Airlines flights within the Hawaiian Islands, and for flights between Hawaii and Asia and the South Pacific. AAdvantage miles cannot be earned for flights between Hawaii and North America.

You can earn AAdvantage miles for Hawaiian Airlines marketed and operated flights as well as Hawaiian Airlines codeshare flights operated by American Airlines. The flight number must start with “HA” (rather than “AA”) to earn miles according to the rate schedule below.

Even though a flight might be operated by Hawaiian Airlines, if it is marketed and sold by American Airlines and the flight number begins with “AA”, it will earn AAdvantage miles based based on the ticket price rather than actual miles flown.

How Many AAdvantage Miles do Hawaiian Airlines Flights Earn?

The number of miles earned with American Airlines depends on the fare class of the Hawaiian Airlines flights. Use the list below to determine the AAdvantage earning ratio for each Hawaiian Airlines fare class.


  • First class fare classes F and C earn 100% of miles flown, plus 50% cabin bonus miles.
  • Business fare classes J and P earn 100% of miles flown, plus 50% cabin bonus miles.
  • Economy fare classes Y, W, X, and Q earn 100% of miles flown.
  • Economy fare classes V, B, S, N, and M earn 75% of miles flown.
  • Economy fare classes I, H, and G earn 50% of miles flown.
  • Economy fare classes K and L earn 25% of miles flown.
  • Economy fare classes O and Z do not earn miles with American Airlines.
  • All other fare classes do not earn miles.

How to Book Hawaiian Airlines Flights That Earn American Airlines Miles

  1. Search for and select your desired flights on the Hawaiian Airlines website.
  2. Use this guide to Hawaiian Airlines fare classes along with the AAdvantage accrual schedule above to find and select the desired fare class and mileage earning ratio. Generally, if you select Main Cabin service class or above, the flights will be eligible to earn AAdvantage miles.
  3. On the passenger information screen, select “Yes” to indicate frequent flyer membership. Select “American Airlines AAdvantage” from the drop-down list. Enter your AAdvantage number as shown below.
How to Earn American Airlines Miles for Hawaiian Airlines Flights
How to enter American Airlines AAdvantage information on the Hawaiian Airlines website.

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