Earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for Hawaiian Airlines Flights

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One of the benefits of American Airlines’ partnership with Hawaiian Airlines is that you can earn AAdvantage miles for Hawaiian Airlines flights.  The number of miles earned with American Airlines depends on the fare class of the Hawaiian Airlines flights.  Use the information below to determine the fare class of Hawaiian Airlines flights and the AAdvantage earning ratio for each fare class.

How to Book a Hawaiian Airlines Flight in the Desired Fare Class

  • Book your flights on the Hawaiian Airlines website. This will allow you to select flights that are marketed and/or operated by Hawaiian.  A travel agent can also book you into the fare class of your choice.  Do not use online travel agencies like Orbitz or Expedia as the ticket may not be issued in a mileage-earning fare class.
  • Use this guide to Hawaiian Airlines fare classes along with the AAdvantage accrual schedule below to select the desired fare class and mileage earning ratio.
  • Call American Airlines AAdvantage customer service, 800-882-8880 to have the miles credited to your AAdvantage account.

AAdvantage miles can be earned for Hawaiian Airlines flights within the Hawaiian Islands, and for flights between Hawaii and Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Taiwan.

AAdvantage miles cannot be earned for flights between Hawaii and North America.

The only Hawaiian Airlines flights eligible to earn AAdvantage miles according to the schedule below are those operated or marketed by Hawaiian Airlines, including codeshare flights operated by American Airlines.  Flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines but marketed by American Airlines (“AA” in front of flight number rather than “HA”) will earn AAdvantage miles according to the American Airlines accrual chart instead of the rate schedule below.

How Many AAdvantage Miles do Hawaiian Airlines Flights Earn?

First class fare classes F and C earn 100% of miles flown, plus 50% class of service bonus miles.

First class fare class A earns 100% of miles flown.

Business class fare classes F, C, A, J and P earn 100% of miles flown, plus 25% class of service bonus miles.

Economy class fare classes W, X, Y, V, Q, S, B, I, N, G, M, H earn 100% of miles flown.

Economy fare classes K, L, O, Z do not earn miles with American Airlines.

Note that some flights and fare classes may earn AAdvantage miles at a different rate than shown above.  If you’re unsure how many AAdvantage miles a particular Hawaiian Airlines flight will earn, call AAdvantage customer service and ask. 800-882-8880

Although every effort is made to keep this page up to date with current information at all times, please be aware that policies, procedures, and earning rates can change without notice at the discretion of the airline(s).

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