Orbitz Airline Ticket Cancellation – How to Cancel Flights Purchased from Orbitz

24 Hour Free Cancellation, Ticket Change Fees, and More


CORONAVIRUS ALERT: this guide for cancelling Orbitz flights refers to normal flight operations. For information on cancelling Orbitz flights disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, click here. x

It’s definitely possible to cancel or change flight tickets purchased from the online travel agency Orbitz – how much it’s going to cost depends on when you purchased the tickets and the terms and conditions that apply.  (Disclosure: Orbitz is an advertiser on TheFlightExpert.com. Read our advertising policy here).

Some important things to know before buying tickets are how to cancel or change Orbitz flights, how much Orbitz charges to change or cancel your flights, how to use an Orbitz travel credit to buy new flights, and what to do in case of a medical or other emergency.

How to Cancel or Change Flights on Orbitz

Log into My Trips on the Orbitz website.  Enter the email address you used to book the flights and the booking or confirmation number you received from Orbitz.  Select the desired trip and click the “change” or “cancel” button.  You will be shown any applicable cancellation fees that may apply before you cancel.  Some tickets cannot be canceled online; if you get such a message, follow the instructions to contact customer service.

Orbitz 24 Hour Free Flight Ticket Cancellation

If you purchase a flight ticket from a US airline, you’re covered if you need to cancel within 24 hours of booking.  But what flight tickets purchased from Orbitz?

In most cases, Orbitz allows cancellation of flight tickets on US carriers,  up to 10 pm (or sometimes 11pm) on the day following purchase.  However, be aware that individual cases may vary and all tickets are governed by the terms and conditions you agreed to when you purchased them.  To view the terms of your ticket, go to My Trips, log in, select your trip, and click “Policies and terms”.

If you need to cancel within 24 hours of booking on Orbitz, follow the instructions below.  A refund will automatically be issued once the cancellation had been processed.

Unsure Whether to Cancel or Change Your Tickets?

If the departure date on the flight tickets you purchased from Orbitz is soon and you’re not sure whether you need to cancel or change the flights, here’s some good advice – cancel!  Cancelling or changing generally costs the same.  If you cancel, you’ll be issued a travel credit you can use later when you decide when you want to fly.  On the other hand, if you don’t cancel before the departure time of the first flight, your tickets will be worthless.

Orbitz Airline Ticket Change Fee

Orbitz typically charges a fee of $30 to change airline tickets.  This is in addition to the fees of around $200 for domestic travel and $300 for international travel that most airlines charge.  Exceptions are tickets purchased less than 24 hours previously (if purchased by 10pm) – Orbitz allows free cancellation on these tickets, then you can rebook the correct flights once the original ones have been cancelled.

Using a Travel Credit to Purchase New Flights

In many cases, if you need to cancel a flight but don’t qualify for the free cancellation, you will be issued a travel credit in the amount of the original ticket, less a $30 change fee paid to Orbitz and a $200 change fee paid to the airline when you use the credit to purchase another ticket.  Be aware that the terms may be different for some tickets.   To view the terms of your ticket, go to My Trips, log in, select your trip, and click “Policies and terms”.

Once issued, the travel credit may be valid for up to 1 year.  Credits may only be used by the passenger in whose name the original flights were booked, and must be used for flights on the same airline as the original tickets.  In addition to the change fees mentioned above, the customer is responsible for any difference in fare – meaning if the new flight is more expensive than the original flight, you must pay the difference.  If the new flights are cheaper, though, don’t expect a refund  – airlines just aren’t in the habit of giving those.

To use a travel credit for flights purchased from Orbitz, call customer service 1-888-656-4546

Medical and Other Emergencies

Orbitz will work with the airlines on your behalf and advise you of your options if you need to cancel a flight ticket to medical emergency, death of a family member, major weather disruption, natural disaster, or government-issued travel advisory.  For assistance with cancellations due to emergencies, call 1-888-656-4546

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