How to change Expedia flights

Learn how to change Expedia flights online: policies, fees, and more

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Expedia is one of the largest and best-known online travel agencies. If you’ve recently purchased flights from Expedia, or are planning to do so, you may be wondering if you’re allowed to make itinerary changes, and if so, what it will cost. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered: this brief guide explains Expedia’s flight change policies, fees, and how to quickly make the itinerary changes online.

The information here is for self-initiated changes. If Expedia changed your flight and you need to know what to do, see this article instead.

Need to cancel Expedia flights or use an Expedia flight credit? If you need to cancel your flights or have questions about Expedia flight cancellation policies and fees, you can find the answers here. We’ve also got you covered if you need to use a flight credit from Expedia.



Can I change my flight if I booked through Expedia?

Expedia’s flight change policy allows any alterations to your flight tickets that are also allowed by the airline(s) on your trip itinerary. If the change is OK with the airline, it’s OK with Expedia. The fastest and easiest way to change Expedia flights is online.

The airline rules that govern things like flight changes and cancellations are known as fare rules. You can find the fare rules for your flights in your Expedia itinerary.

Can I change my Expedia flight within 24 hours?

You can effectively change Expedia flights within 24 hours for free by taking advantage of the online travel agency’s free 24-hour cancellation policy. Since this policy allows for a full refund for flights cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, simply cancel the flights, request the refund, then book new flights.

Be aware that it may take 7-10 days or longer for the refund for the original purchase to be credited to your bank or card account.


How do Expedia flight changes work?

You can change the date, time, departure city, or destination city for most flights purchased from Expedia. The new flight tickets can only be issued for the same passenger(s) on the same airline(s). If the new flights are more expensive, you’ll have to pay the difference. The airline(s) you’re booked with may charge a change fee depending on the fare rules that apply to your ticket.

Fees and charges

How much does Expedia charge to change flights?

Expedia doesn’t charge a fee for flight changes or rebookings. However, if the airline you’re booked with does assess a rebooking fee, Expedia will pass it along to you. Whether you have to pay a fee or not depends on the type of fare you purchased. The amount the airline charges for flight changes depends on – you guessed it – the fare rules for your tickets.

You can change your Expedia flights for free in the sense that Expedia itself doesn’t charge a fee for this service. However, the airline you’re booked with may assess a fee depending on the type of fare purchased; the amount the airline charges for flight changes depends on – you guessed it – the fare rules in your itinerary. Even if there are no fees associated with changing your flights, you’ll have to pay the difference if the new fare is more than the original.

How do I change Expedia flights?

You can change most Expedia flights online through the My Trips portal. If you don’t see the option to cancel flights online, you’ll need to contact Expedia.


  1. Log in to your Expedia account, or start here and select “Change your trip”.
  2. Locate and select the reservation you wish to change.
  3. Review the airline fare rules, restrictions, and fees so you know what to expect.

2. Select “Change Flight” and follow the instructions.
3. If your reservation is on a low-cost airline like Frontier or Spirit, you may need to contact the airline directly.

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