How to earn Alaska Airlines miles for Condor flights

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One of the cheapest ways to travel from the US to Europe is on the leisure airline Condor, which has been quite busy with recent upgrades to its planes and services. Although Condor doesn’t have a frequent flyer program of its own, the carrier’s partnership with Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan allows members to earn miles for Condor flights.

The number of Alaska Airlines miles earned for Condor flights is based on the flight distance and a class-of-service multiplier. We’ll explain how to add Mileage Plan information to Condor flights, how to tell which flights are eligible to earn miles, and how many miles are earned in each class of service.

How can I tell if my Condor flights are eligible to earn Alaska Airlines miles?

To be eligible to earn Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles, Condor flight numbers must be between 0001 and 2299. In addition, the flight has to be marketed and operated by Condor, meaning that the flight number must begin with DE. You can find flight numbers on your ticket or boarding pass.

How many Alaska Airlines miles do Condor flights earn?

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan earning rates for Condor flights are based on flight distance and a class of service multiplier. Business class flights earn 300% of miles flown, Premium Economy earns 125%, Economy Flex earns 100%, Economy earns 75%, and deep-discount and promotional Economy fares earn 50%.

Class of serviceBase milesBonus milesTotal miles earnedElite-qualifying miles
Business Class100%200%300%200%
Premium Economy100%25%125%125%
Economy Flex100%0%100%100%
Economy Base75%0%75%75%
Economy Promotion50%0%50%50%

Condor flights earn a minimum of 500 Mileage Plan miles, even if they the flight distance is less than 500 miles.

The following Condor flights don’t earn Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles, elite qualifying miles, or elite qualifying segments: award flights (flights that have been paid for by redeeming miles), non-revenue flights (free flights for employees, friends and family), and bulk fares (some seats sold by travel agencies or purchased by corporations).

How to credit Condor miles to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account

Crediting miles flown with Condor to an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account is simple. Here’s how:

  • Book flights on Condor’s website as you normally would.
  • When you check in online before your flight, enter your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan number in the field provided on the check-in page.
  • Alternately, you can provide membership details at the airport for in-person check-in.
  • You can also call Condor’s reservation service center to request that Mileage Plan account information be added to an existing or past reservation.
Can I earn Alaska Airlines miles for Condor flights?

Yes. When you purchase eligible flights from Condor , you can earn Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles based on the distance flown and a class of service multiplier.

Is Condor a member of Star Alliance? What alliance is Condor part of?

Although Condor doesn’t belong to Star Alliance or any other airline alliance, the carrier has partnered with a number of airlines to extend its routes and services.

Is Condor part of Miles and More?

Condor is not a Miles and More member but does have a partnership with Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan that allows members to earn miles for Condor flights.

Is Condor part of Lufthansa? Who owns Condor?

Condor is no longer owned by Lufthansa.
The iconic German airline, one of the original founders of Condor, sold its last shares to the Thomas Cook Group in the early 2000s. In 2019, the Thomas Cook Group collapsed but Condor was bailed out with a loan from the German government. The majority of Condor is now owned by a private investment group.

Are Alaska Airlines and Condor partners?

In addition to being part of Alaska’s Mileage Plan loyalty program, Condor’s partnership with Alaska Airlines allows it to provide service to Europe from more US cities. We’ve got more information on Condor’s partner airlines here.

Are jetBlue and Condor partners?

Like Condor’s agreement with Alaska Airlines, its partnership with jetBlue allows the German leisure carrier to offer flights to Europe from additional US cities.

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